Thursday, November 4, 2010

I paint because i love.


The Romans believed mirrors trapped your soul. They also thought your body regenerated itself every seven years, hence the bad luck superstition! But mirrors are also ways that can bring in great positive vibes into the room you hang them in. My love of painting mirrors began a long long time ago whilst walking down Oxford street and i came across this stunning mirror that literally made me stop in my tracks. Of course i couldn't dream of owning it as it was way beyond an ordinary person's budget! But it did inspire me to come back home and try my hand at painting one of my own. 

There was no looking back after that! I've dabbled, learnt, amassed almost everything I need to know and fallen in love with a form of art that has also helped me look to the future with brighter and keener eyes.. . 

Pictured here are some of my works of love that i have on sale..   



  1. Simply Lauuuvv ur workk..They are absolutely gorgeous..Lov the piece u did for me..Thankss..They absolutely light up my dining area..

  2. Heyy I've got a couple at my house, and they really bring out the rest of the house! Love em!